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Many of our customers have questions about pure water, what it is, and the technology we use to employ it to clean windows on homes and businesses.

Pure water can be achieved through distillation, de-ionisation, reverse osmosis, carbon filtering or other processes. Purified water has been used for many years in laboratories and industries where eliminating potential contaminants is crucial. It is only in recent years that its benefits as a window cleaning material have been understood and leveraged.

Pure water cleaning method

Why we use the pure water cleaning method

At Pure Window Cleaning, we use pure water to clean windows and other exterior surfaces because it has the ability to act as a magnet, drawing minerals, chemicals, moss and other types of pollutants into it. This ability almost completely negates the need to use harsh detergents.

Secondly, the fact that pure water contains no dissolved solids means that, when the leftover water evaporates, it does not leave any type of residue behind on your window. So no more foggy areas on the supposedly “clean” window.

Lastly, we use a soft bristle brush fed with pure water to clean windows and other exterior surfaces because it produces the highest quality finished product. The brush gently agitates the dirt without grinding it into the glass and the loose dirt is flushed away by the stream of pure water. When finished, your windows are crystal clear with no steaks.

Our commitment to safety

While our pure water window and exterior surface cleaning technique is the most effective available, it does require the deployment of various types of equipment. As such, it is imperative that our technicians are rigorously trained in the proper use of that equipment. This is a responsibility we take very seriously.

We teach strict adherence to established safety protocols and put our technicians through long hours of training in the safe and effective use of every piece of equipment in our arsenal. Whether wielding telescopic water-fed poles or using hydraulic lifts to reach out of the way places, our personnel pay close attention to every detail and make sure no work proceeds until a safe work environment has been established.

Rely on Pure Window Cleaning

Whether you need commercial or residential window cleaning, gutter cleaning, or fascia, soffit or cladding cleaning you can rely on the professionals at Pure Window Cleaning to produce spectacular results in a safe and effective manner.


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