Do you find yourself too busy to keep your windows looking clean? Maybe you’ve tried expensive cleaning products but just can’t seem to get your windows clean. Whatever the case may be, we understand your plight.

At Pure Window Cleaning, we’ve seen every scenario you can think of and know how frustrating it can be trying to keep your windows spotless. It is undoubtedly a difficult job. That’s why we invite you to contact us today to book our services.

Pure Window Cleaning proudly serves Haywards Heath residents and the surrounding areas. We are happy to offer our expertise and show you how effective our Pure process truly is. What’s more, you can expect friendly and knowledgeable operatives to clean your windows when you hire our services.

Our goal is to improve the appearance of your home through professional window cleaning. So feel free to continue reading to find out more about our window cleaning and the other services that we offer.

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Trust in the Pure Way

We use only pure water to clean windows for our clients, as our name suggests. With the Pure Way, you can expect a clean and thorough job that leaves no streaks or residue. Purified water attracts dirt and debris for a complete clean.

And if you need us to reach higher windows, we come equipped with hydraulic lifts and telescopic poles to ensure the highest safety standards. Thanks to this approach, our Pure team can clean difficult-to-reach windows, no matter their location.

Pure Window Cleaning can clean your difficult and out-of-the-way windows, so you don’t have to worry about getting hurt. Our operatives are trained to follow our safety guidelines at all times while employing our effective Pure cleaning process.

We get it. Window cleaning can seem daunting. That’s why we are here. We have been cleaning windows since 2007 and can offer you fast, efficient services that will ensure outstanding results. Get in touch today to schedule our residential services in Haywards Heath.

What our customers say

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Additional Services from Pure Window Cleaning

Both residentially and commercially, we excel at cleaning windows. We also offer other services to help keep your Haywards Heath home clean and beautiful, such as:

Gutter Clearing: We use a vacuum system that removes gunk and debris from gutters with ease and efficiency. Why risk injuring yourself or getting yourself covered in sludge when you can leave this unenviable task to our trained operatives? Pure Window Cleaning is always ready and waiting to help you with this tedious job.

Conservatory Cleaning: If you own a conservatory, you know just how difficult—and dangerous— cleaning it can be. It is risky to clean conservatories because of the way they are built, and it can prove dangerous to attempt to clean them yourself.

But here at Pure Window Cleaning, we have the expertise to give you a thorough clean, thanks to our expert approach. We pride ourselves on our safety and will make sure that you receive service you can trust.

Fascia, Soffit, and Cladding Cleaning: This is a part of your home that you probably overlook a lot. You might not even have tried to clean them. They can be pretty tough to keep clean, so you’re certainly not the only one. We offer thorough cleaning of fascia and soffit, as well as cladding.

These materials are made brighter and more attractive by our Pure cleaning methods, which will improve the overall appearance of your home and enhance your kerb appeal.

Get an Instant Quote or Make an Appointment

We invite you to fill out our online contact form to get your instant quote. Then, you’ll be able to see how affordable it is to get professional window cleaning in Haywards Heath. If you’d just like to chat, you can reach us directly on 01737 773 768.

How The Pure Service Works

Window cleaning has never been so easy!

  1. Get an instant online quote – click here
  2. Tell us how frequently you want your windows cleaned
  3. Let us know if you want any additional services. Do you want your gutters, fascia and or conservatory roof cleaned on the first visit?
  4. Receive a notification text the day before our visit
  5. Have your windows cleaned The Pure Way

That’s it.

We will contact you on the next working day to let you know when the first clean will be, which will usually be just a few days.

The Pure Process

Price List


1/2 Bed – £15
3 Bed – £20


2 Bed – £18
3 Bed – £20
4 Bed – £25
5 Bed – £30+
Conservatory – £5 – £15


2 Bed – £15 – £18
3 Bed – £18 – £20
4 Bed – £20 – £25
Conservatory – + £5

Town House

3 Bed – £25
4 Bed – £30
5 Bed – £35+
Conservatory – £5 – £15

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