Cleaning your home’s higher windows can prove to be a challenging task. Not only are they hard to reach, but trying to clean them on your own is often very dangerous. Fortunately, you have Pure Window Cleaning to assist you in keeping your windows looking flawless.

We proudly serve residents of Cobham and beyond and are happy to provide our services to you. Call Pure Window Cleaning today and see for yourself the difference we make.


The Pure Process

Pure Window Cleaning is different from other services in that we use only purified water to clean our clients’ windows. The benefits of our pure process are numerous. For starters, pure water effectively lifts and removes all manner of build-up and debris from your windows.

From moss to pollutants, purified water gets your windows clean of even the most stubborn accumulation. In fact, we rely on pure water and our experience in all of our services.

As such, we don’t resort to harsh chemicals. Rather, our use of pure water delivers incredible results while preventing unsightly streaks and leftover residue. The outcome every time is clear, clean windows. In the event that an additional cleaning solution is needed, we use eco-friendly detergent for a safe, efficient clean.

Our Technicians

In order to ensure that we bring the highest quality window cleaning to our customers, every technician has to undergo ongoing testing and training. They learn how to use the necessary tools and equipment correctly and receive safety training to eliminate risks.

Moreover, we use the latest equipment to help us reach out-of-the-way windows. Such techniques include telescopic poles and even hydraulic lifts. Our sharp attention to detail and strict security protocols place us among Cobham’s most trusted home services.

Additional Services

Looking for additional services to improve your property’s appearance? From gutter clearing to conservatory cleaning, you can count on Pure Window Cleaning to keep your home looking its best with the following services:

Gutter Clearing: Clearing the sludge and build-up out of your gutters is probably something you’d rather avoid. So why not let the Pure professionals do it for you? We use proven equipment and techniques that safely and effectively clear out your gutters so they can function optimally.

Conservatory Cleaning: We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive service in all that we do, and that includes conservatory cleaning. We are careful to gently clean every aspect of your conservatory using eco-friendly detergents and soft brushes.

What’s more, we clean more than just the windows, as we clean every panel, strut, lip and all other components. And as always, we employ the highest level of safety measures to ensure that we clean your conservatory safely and efficiently.

Fascia, Soffit, and Cladding Cleaning: When you call on Pure Window Cleaning to service your fascia, soffit and cladding, we carefully remove build-up and debris like soot, algae, traffic film, dust, and more. In doing so, we help keep these materials functioning at their best while prolonging their lifespan.

It’s important that you schedule regular cleanings of the above components. Just let us know how often you require our services, and we will be happy to accommodate your needs.

What our customers say


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How The Pure Service Works

Window cleaning has never been so easy!

  1. Get an instant online quote – click here
  2. Tell us how frequently you want your windows cleaned
  3. Let us know if you want any additional services. Do you want your gutters, fascia and or conservatory roof cleaned on the first visit?
  4. Receive a notification text the day before our visit
  5. Have your windows cleaned The Pure Way

That’s it.

We will contact you on the next working day to let you know when the first clean will be, which will usually be just a few days.

The Pure Process

Price List


1/2 Bed – £15
3 Bed – £20


2 Bed – £18
3 Bed – £20
4 Bed – £25
5 Bed – £30+
Conservatory – £5 – £15


2 Bed – £15 – £18
3 Bed – £18 – £20
4 Bed – £20 – £25
Conservatory – + £5

Town House

3 Bed – £25
4 Bed – £30
5 Bed – £35+
Conservatory – £5 – £15

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