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At Pure Window Cleaning, we also offer a comprehensive gutter clearing service that leverages the attention to detail, hard work, experience and dedication of our technicians to leave your gutters debris free.  Clear gutters are more than a luxury, they are essential to maintaining the integrity of your roof and keeping your home safe and hygienic. If you are in need of effective, affordable gutter clearing in Surrey or West Sussex, Pure Window Cleaning are the ones to call.

Affordable Gutter Cleaning
The Pure Window Cleaning Difference

The Pure Window Cleaning Difference

We have been clearing gutters on homes and businesses since 2007. In that time we have amassed a reputation for high-quality work at affordable rates. Our technicians use a variety of equipment to access your gutters, including a safe and effective gutter vacuum system and the traditional ladder technique. Once safely in place, they employ an array of proven devices and techniques to remove the sludge, dead leaves, dirt, moss and other material from your gutters and dispose of it properly.

Safety First

We are often required to work at significant heights during the course of our duties. Because of this, we at Pure Window Cleaning put a premium on training. We only select individuals who are comfortable working at elevation and then provide them with the safety equipment they need to perform their job with complete confidence. We are also fully insured so that, in the extremely unlikely event of a mishap, everyone’s interests are thoroughly protected.

The Advantages of Clear Gutters

There are numerous advantages and benefits to keeping clear gutters on your home or business that go beyond the fact that your home or business will look better. Those benefits include:

  • Clear gutters reduce the risk of damp and water damage to your property.
  • Clear gutters allow the roof of your home or business to drain as intended.
  • Clear gutters prevent potentially dangerous mould from forming.
  • Clear gutters discourage nesting birds.
  • Clear gutters are gutters that are going to last longer.
  • Clear gutters prevent dangerous ice build-up in cold weather.
Gutter cleaning
Gutter Cleaning Quotation

Receive a Quotation

If you have decided it’s time to clear the gutters on your home or business don’t climb up on a ladder and endanger yourself. Instead, get in touch with the professionals at Pure Window Cleaning. We have years of experience safely and effectively clearing gutters for customers across Surrey and West Sussex. Just use the innovative Instant Quote Calculator on our website to receive a quote in seconds, or call us during office hours on 01737 773768 or 07988 153247.

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If you are ready to take advantage of our fast, effective, eco-friendly method of window cleaning getting a quotation is easy. Either call us on 01737 773768 or 07988 153247 or better yet, use the Instant Quote Calculator on our website to get your quotation in seconds.