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Pure Window Cleaning is a professional window cleaning company providing state-of-the-art window cleaning services for commercial clients throughout the whole of Surrey and West Sussex. We use a safe, effective, eco-friendly window cleaning method that removes dirt and grime without using harsh chemicals that could stain your building, leave streaks on your windows or pollute groundwater.

We are fully insured, both with Public Liability and Employers Liability Insurance Indemnity of £5,000,000 and £10,000,000 respectively. We can also provide a detailed risk assessment method statement.

Commercial Window Cleaning Services
The Pure Commercial Window Cleaning Difference

The Pure Window Cleaning Difference

For many years, there was only one method for cleaning windows on very tall buildings and hard to reach places. It typically involved scaffolding, ladders and lots of detergents slathered onto window surfaces. At Pure Window Cleaning, we offer a better way.

Our highly trained technicians use telescopic poles and brushes fed with pure water to clean most of your windows from the ground. It is a gentle, safe, low-impact method that produces better results than the old-fashioned labour-and-detergent intensive methods. In instances when windows are inaccessible from the ground and ladders are not safe to use we will use alternative access equipment including scaffold towers and mobile elevating work platforms.

The Benefits of Using Pure Water

The pure water method of cleaning windows is a relatively new development that represents the first major advance in window cleaning in decades. Purified water has had all non-water related minerals and chemicals removed from it. As a result, when it comes in contact with your windows it pulls dirt, moss, airborne pollutants and other impurities into it like a magnet, leaving your windows clean as a whistle. And because no detergents are used, there is none of the streaking that traditional window cleaning services often leave behind.

The Benefits of Using Pure Water
The Benefits of Pure Window Cleaning

The Benefits of Pure Window Cleaning

The benefits of enlisting the services of Pure Window Cleaning extend well beyond streak-free windows and include:

  • Reliability – We show up when we say we will and do the job right.
  • Eco-friendly techniques – When we use detergents they are always environmentally friendly. We never use harsh chemicals.
  • A thorough job – We always clean the frame and sill too.
  • Lasting results – Pure water actually repels dirt after cleaning.
  • Fully insured – We are fully insured so your interests are always protected.
  • Safety – We often work from the ground so there are few ladders involved.

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Some window cleaning outfits are reluctant to provide quotations. Not us. Getting a quotation to have your windows cleaned is as easy as calling Pure Window Cleaning during office hours on 01737 773768 or 07988 153247. Better yet, take advantage of the innovative Instant Quote Calculator on our website to get an accurate quotation in just seconds.

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If you are ready to take advantage of our fast, effective, eco-friendly method of window cleaning getting a quotation is easy. Either call us on 01737 773768 or 07988 153247 or better yet, use the Instant Quote Calculator on our website to get your quotation in seconds.